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Tuition Fees, Course Fees & Rental Protection Insurance

The tuition/course fees and rental protection insurance available from Saxon Insurance, covers your non-refundable course fees and/or rent you have paid for in advance or is due under a signed rental agreement; in the event of you:

  • Becoming temporarily/totally disabled as a result of sickness or accidental bodily injury and you are unable to remain in your rented accommodation and/or continue on your course.
  • Are fatally Injured.
  • Suffer from an illness that results in your death.

How Can I Get Tuition Fees/Course Fees & Rental Protection Insurance?

You can purchase tuition/course fees & rental protection insurance as an optional extension to your student contents and possessions insurance policy.

Only available as part of a student contents and possessions insurance package, see links below:

Cover Levels.

Course Fees & Rental Protection Insurance Cover levels.
£10,000 £40 per year £100 excess
£20,000 £80 per year £250 excess

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Why Have Course Fees & Rental Protection Insurance?

If you become ill or disabled and need to quit your course and return home, but find you have no access to a refund of money paid out on tuition fees and rent or you are still contractually obligated to pay the rent under a tenancy agreement with your landlord; course fees and rental protection insurance can relieve some of the tension of what is already highly stressful situation, by helping you recover some of the money you have spent.

Please note: this cover excludes any pre—existing medical conditions; for full terms and conditions see policy wording.

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