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Offering a range of insurance services to students, graduates, nurses and young professionals.
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Student Shield

Saxon student possession insurance for students in halls of residence, see our Student Shield product for more information and to get a quote.

Student Shield Plus

For students living in privately owned rented accommodation Saxon has a Student Shield Plus product to cover their possessions whilst away from home.

Tenant Shield

Contents insurance
Nurses, graduates, young professionals and working tenants, saxon has provided a contents and possessions insurance product under the name of
Tenants Shield.

Contents and possessions insurance for:

  • Students Living in:
    • Any of our Block Halls Schemes.
    • Any Student Halls of Residence.
    • Any privately owned rented / shared accommodation.
  • Workers, graduates, young professionals and nurses living in:
    • Any private rented accommodation.

We also have a range of other insurance products